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ICS value added services, typically executed in close coordination with the Project Team, are inclusive but not limited to the following, further described in the paragraphs below:

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documents

  • Specification Writing

  • Bid review and Evaluation

  • Structural and/or Thermal Analysis

  • Mock Up Testing and Inspection

  • Factory Testing and Inspection

  • Field Testing and Inspection

  • Special Services / Building Forensics


ICS provides hands on assistance in the preparation of conceptual design by working hand in hand with the project architect and project team members. ICS involvement can vary from review of conceptual design proposals prepared by project Architect, to preparation of  comprehensive 3D details for incorporation in the Construction Documents. 

Coordination of the exterior building envelope with the entire project team, including other building trades from the early stages onwards, can result in considerable cost and time savings for the project.


ICS is capable of assisting in the decision making from the schematic design stage to integrate materials and technologies into complete systems that allow for compounded energy efficiency and increased building life cycle.


ICS is able to expertly witness, perform and develop a variety of testing procedures in coordination with reputable testing agencies, including but not limited to pressure differential performance testing, impact resistance testing, thermal testing, acoustic testing, site water testing, as well as a variety of other field and factory testing procedures

ICS can assist in the preparation and evaluation of quality control procedures to be adhered to during shop manufacturing and field installation, so as to ensure that critical waterproofing sealants, gaskets, metal joinery, flashings and interface details are installed per the contract documents ensuring that the exterior enclosure systems meet or exceed the specified performance criteria. 

Once a project goes underway, ICS frequently performs inspections at the glazing contractors facilities to ensure that the quality and performance standards are met. ICS has performed a significant amount of shop inspections at Glazing Contractors Facilities world wide,  including factory locations in USA, Canada, India, UAE, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Poland, Malaysia and China.


If required ICS can also perform period or full time field inspections once actual construction commences on site.  Detailed Inspection reports are issued for every inspection or at frequent intervals for ongoing projects. 

Testing, Inspection and Quality Control are worth while investments in the future of a trouble free building.



ICS services have also been retained by (potential) building owners, performing a wide variety of services for existing building enclosure systems, either as part of a potential sale, or to investigate and remediate leak conditions, or to pursue and or potentially avoid litigation: 

  • Forensic Investigation of existing enclosure systems 

  • Case Materials Evaluation 

  • Plaintiff or Defense Expert Witness Testimony 

  • Remediation Documents 

  • Practical Construction Defect Solutions 


ICS is uniquely qualified to provide input as an expert witness to the owner, builder or designer by virtue of their hands-on experience in a wide array of complex construction projects.


SOHO Tower New York, curtain wall manufacturing and assembly inspections performed in Italy and Germany


LPC Hospital, Palo Alto, CA,  glass fins  & floating sunshade design evaluation, including OSHPD defered approval process


SOHO Tower New York, entry portal, inspection of interface detail at cable wall, entry portal  and below grade waterproofing


125 Greenwich, NY, curtain wall assembly inspections performed in Poland as well as periodic inspections on site.


Palomar Medical Center, Escondido, CA - design and engineering evaluation of glass and panel systems, including shop inspection in Zhonshan, China


Lucile Packard Childrens Hospita;, Palo Alto,  design review and shop and site inspections of custom glazing systems with entry walls


SOHO Tower New York - design review, shop and site inspections of glass balustrades with roofing / water proofing interface  


125 Greenwich, New York, pull testing performed on site for curtain wall embeds 


LPCH, Palo Alto, CA - Design Review, testing and inspection of unitized curtain wall with patterned glazing including "fly by" conditions at balconies


Palomar Medical Center, design of multi layered sunshades integrated in unitized curtain wall, including full scale performance testing

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